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Tavanir CEO recommended high-consumption solar system installation
5 May 2021

The CEO of Tavanir Company announced the implementation of the national "Electricity of Hope" scan from the beginning of November ...

A report on the country’s electricity consumption forecast for the next 10 years
5 May 2021

According to Bargh News, Hosseini, CEO of Iran Energy Exchange, said at a meeting of the Conference on Financial Development ...

It is possible to visit the permanent exhibition of the evolution of electricity
5 May 2021

According to Tehran Regional Electricity News Agency, Ali Khorasani, Director of Public Relations Office of Tehran Regional Electricity Company, in ...

Iran is in the top 5 countries in the world in the construction of rail and land robots
5 May 2021

According to the news site of Tehran Regional Electricity Company (Tabesh); "Majid Abdollahi", Tehran's director of transmission affairs, said on ...