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Devices that consume electricity during a blackout!


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Devices that consume electricity during a blackout!
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Devices that consume electricity during a blackout!

Devices that consume electricity during a blackout!

Some appliances can consume energy and increase the cost of electricity by turning off the power only by plugging it in!

According to Bargh News, it is not surprising that they use electricity when the electrical devices are on. However, all of these appliances still use electricity until we turn them off. In fact, more than 10 percent of our electricity bills are for devices we may not have used many times, but were on. As a result, a large amount of money from the electricity bill each month indicates the amount of energy lost.

So why do electronic devices consume energy even when turned off? When a device is plugged in, it consumes at least a small amount of energy. For many devices, this is a low amount of energy; It will be remarkable. In this section, we are going to introduce the most common household appliances that consume electricity even in the event of a blackout, as well as ways to reduce their environmental footprint.

Electronics that consume power outages:

1- Digital TV receiver Despite the ability to record digital image (PVR) on some TVs and of course all digital TV receivers, you can easily and automatically record your favorite movies and pictures and watch them at any time, but This is not possible without electricity. In addition, it requires energy to prepare for receiving remote signals.

2. The router and modem The modem will remain connected to the Internet, and the router will continuously play the Wi-Fi signal, even when no device is connected to it.

3- TV Have you ever paid attention to the red light of the TV even when it is off? This is just a sign that he is still using energy. Many newer TVs have a feature that can be turned on automatically by other devices or your voice, which also requires power to turn on through the controller.

4. Blu-ray / DVD player These devices usually display time and therefore always use energy to keep their LED displays on. In addition, they must be turned on to receive the signal remotely.

5. The computer When we turn off the computer, many of us do not actually turn it off, but put it in standby or hibernation mode. At this time, the computer is kept in low power mode so that programs remain active and turn on quickly when working with it. This is also true when the on / off button is not pressed, as it is on standby to receive the signal from you.

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